Cadaques Private Island Rental

Rental Information

When is the island available to rent?

The island is available from late April through June, and September through the first week of October. The island is not available to rent in July or August.

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

The island is only available to rent by the week, and there is a minimum rental of one week.

How many people does the island sleep?

The island sleeps 24 people

How may beds are there in all?

24 beds, 11 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms

How do we get to and from the island?

There are two zodiac boats that are easy to drive, plus one row boat.

Wedding Information

How many people can the island host?

Our biggest event so far was 300 people

Is there catering?

There are many catering options available

How do we get our guests on the island?

There is a platform to move people by the dozens

Is there a space for a ceremony?

The newly restored wedding tower looks over the Mediterranean Sea and the village of Cadaques

Where do we have an outdoor party?

On the sea side of the island is a patio and swimming pool with tables and chairs. It is a great place to host a dinner reception.

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